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About me

I have been in the beauty industry for what feels like my entire life!  I've always had a passion for hair and makeup which lead me to dive into cosmetology school. Once graduating Paul Mitchell in Lexington KY, I took a leap of faith into a new beauty service at the time...lashes! After I took a training course and got certified in eyelash extensions, there was no turning back for me. I fell in love with lash services! And after years of perfecting my art-I've even made my own training manuals and certification courses for eyelash and brow services!

The joy and confidence lashes give women is truly amazing to see. I can honestly say I have such a gratifying job. There is nothing that makes my soul happier than watching a client look in the mirror and seeing them fall in love with themself again or for the first time ever after a service.


I'm a Kentucky girl born and raised, but I always have wanderlust in my eyes! When I'm not lashing or at the salon, I crave traveling and all things nature. Im so blessed to have a wonderful husband to join me on my adventures, and who unfortunately has the best natural eyelashes I've ever seen-p.s. it's unfortunate for me,  because I envy them!

My goal as a woman, and salon owner is to empower other women! I love providing services and being a beauty training instructor! I'm always searching for the newest trends to keep my clients happy and stylish! I love meeting new people and enjoy listening to their stories and always wanting to learn something new!

kylee jean

Salon Owner & Master Cosmetologist

Hi! I'm Kylee and the proud owner of my salon, Eternal Beauty Studio!



Kylee Jean Beauty

Our Mission Statement

We celebrate all women in their real authentic brilliance, who believe in themselves and are ready to enhance the look they love. Each clients voice will be heard and we will strive together to make their desired look come true. We treat all services with the upmost quality and professionalism because we believe no one should never expect less.